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Our job is to give you a mortgage solution based on your short term as well as your long- term goals rather than to sell you a product or a rate. We deal with several AAA-Residential lenders and other lenders to give you the right product, features and privileges – a sustainable mortgage in the spirit of being debt free faster. Our focus is on you and your goals; not on rates and products even though our rates and products are the best.

If you find a bank or a company that is offering a lower rate for a comparable product, please let us know and we would be happy to look into it for you.

You can contact us for a Mortgage Pre-Approval to secure and guarantee a mortgage interest rate for up to 120 days (4 months). So, if you are looking for a Home Mortgage or your mortgage is coming up for renewal and/or looking for a Mortgage Refinance in next 4 months, you can secure a rate. If the rates drop, you will get the lower rate and if the rate goes up, you will get the secured rate – a win-win situation in both cases.

Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Term             Bank Mortgage Rates Our Mortgage Rates*
Variable Closed Rate(3Yrs) 3.20% 2.95%
Variable Closed Rate(5Yrs) 3.20% 2.95%
6 Months Closed 6.95% 3.95%
1 year Closed 3.09% 3.09%
2 Years Closed  3.04%  2.94%
3 Years Closed 3.54%  2.94%
4 Years Closed 4.19%  2.99%
5 Years Closed 4.89%  3.04%
7 Years Closed 5.95% 3.79%
10 Years Closed   6.19%  3.99%
HELO C Open 3.70% 3.45%



*Rates are subject to change. APR is dependent on amortization, LTV and Closing Costs.

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