“As a first time homebuyer and with just 9 months of Canadian credit history, we were very unfamiliar with the entire process of purchasing a house. We tried doing some research over the net but soon found all of it very overwhelming with almost all solution options leading us to B lenders.

That’s when we met Rajneesh Verma, who very patiently and thoroughly explained each step of the Canadian housing market. He is extremely knowledgeable and was always there to help us through every phase of the buying process. He answered all of our questions and made sure we felt comfortable with the decisions that we took.

Working with a professional like Rajneesh, greatly reduced the stress that came along with buying our first home and we were more than satisfied with the solutions provided. There was no pressure for a specific product or financial institution and he was 100% focused on providing the best solution.

We couldn’t be happier and would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage solution”

 – Mayank Johar (Business System Analyst, TD Canada Trust), Nidhi Johar (Quality Lead, TD Canada Trust)